yellow-rail-deactivated20131202 asked:

Here's a challenge for you: name all the animals that you can. Don't just say monkey or bug or frog, be a specific as you can. As a (budding) scientist, identification is something I try to do. What I do to help is I either research the animals in the area, and/or I buy field guides to help with the identification. Awesome pictures, btw.

njwight answered:

Hi there. Nice to meet you. While I do enjoy a challenge, at the moment, trying to post photography to tumblr from the bush in Africa is challenge enough. :-) As for guide books and field guides, yup-but I can choose to bring these (heavy) or lenses.  When I do an “information” type of post, I generally am quite specific. But this is not always what I am doing. Not sure how long you have been following, but if you take a walk through the archives you should see lots of species identification. I won’t be adding scientific names-respectfully, that’s not my thing. I do often ask fellow tumblrs to identify for me, given there are so many brilliant specialists here, so feel free. Especially insects and birds. I am sure bug girl, rhamphotheca, insectlove, fairy-wren…and so many others would welcome the break from me harassing them!

Glad you enjoy the pics and I hope you bloom into an amazing scientist and teach me a few things!